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    David W. Emery
    @David W. Emery

    Many Christians simply dismiss the incredibly long lifespans assigned to the early patriarchs in the book of Genesis. Who could believe that several of them lived more than 900 years? Or that Abraham lived even 175 years?

    But hey! This is the word of God. We have to come to terms with that, too. How can it be done? Enter Msgr. Pope with some thoughts on the issue. Link




    Very interesting article David! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I wholeheartedly agree with Msgr Pope.

    And I am also very glad that we don’t get to live 900 years! Too long to get to Heaven!! 😉




    Howard Hampson
    @Howard the Pilgrim

    When people start doubting the Biblical account of things, I like to remind them that we are talking about God, the creator of heaven and earth, all that is.  Is anything too difficult for Him?  He does like to step into His creation and do things outside the ordinary from time to time.



    Interesting article. I have wondered about those long lives and what to make of them. I am finding it easier to accept these days.

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